Retargeting your audience is your opportunity to put paid offers in front of people who’ve visited your site.

When you place a “pixel” on every website you have you’re now able to retarget your visitors and/or buyers with appropriate offers.

Chances are you won’t make a sale from a person whose seeing you for the first time on Facebook.

By placing a pixel on a blog post and retargeting the visitors who read your post with a Facebook ad you’ll increase your chance of a sale.

Ask yourself this….

Would you prefer to buy from someone you’re familiar with or from someone you don’t know?

Most people feel more comfortable buying from someone they’re already familiar with.

In marketing, this is what we call the “Know, Like, & Trust factor.”

The same rule applies here.

By retargeting people who are already familiar with you’ll increase your ability to attract new customers with Facebook.

In the video below I show you how to create custom audience in Facebook ads to retarget people who have already liked your stuff or engaged with you.