How to Rock Your Business Using C to the Power of 3

If you are building your business you most likely know your target market.   Wouldn’t you love it if there way a great way to attract your target market to you without having to chase them?  There is a simple strategy that I want to share with you today that will help attract people to you.  I originally learned how to do this from Ray Higdon with a strategy he calls invest, learn and teach and I just adapted it to be something I could easily remember.  I call it C to the power of 3 and it is a way to attract your target market to you and help you get more leads and sales without being spammy.  It helps build he know, like, and trust factor with people so they are more likely to want to buy from you.  Let’s look at each step.


What kind of things do you find your target market interested in?  Are you in a health and wellness company?  Maybe you need to learn some new effective workouts, a new healthy recipe or a great new protein shake.  Maybe you are an online marketer and you need learn the latest techniques for building a business online.  Once you have learned these things the next step is to take what you learned and communicate that to your audience.


Step 2 is to communicate what you learned through whatever you consumed, be that a course, a video, a book, etc.   This is powerful because not only are you helping other people learn, you increase your authority, you build trust with your audience and when you teach others you solidify for yourself what you already learned.  You could communicate about the product in a blog post, video, Facebook live or whatever method you prefer  to bring value to your audience.  Somewhere in that communication you want to have a call to action where you tell people to comment if they are interested in what you are talking about.


The last step is to connect with the people who have shown interest and have commented on what you shared. This helps to build trust even more by building a relationship with your customer.  If what you have shared with them interests them you can connect them with the products you are selling.  If they are ready to buy yet continue to connect with them.  

By following the above strategies you demonstrate:

  • You’re a real person
  • You understand people’s problems 
  • You have value to offer people

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