Facebook has recently started rolled out the ability to do cover videos on Pages.  From what I have heard they have it rolled out to about 80% of pages  at this time.   This is a great way to create more engagement with your audience.  I wanted to share the in’s and out’s of creating a cover video for your Facebook page.

Facebook Cover Video Requirements:

  • Videos must be between 20-90 seconds
  • Required size is at least 820 x 312 pixels
  • Audio will not auto-play, people will have to click on video to hear the audio.

How to create your Facebook cover video:

Adobe After effects:  

I created this Facebook cover video for my business page using Adobe After Effects.  I like how you can do creative things with this program and play video inside of words.  There are unlimited possibilities with this program and you can be very creative.  If  you are used to working with other Adobe software like Photoshop or InDesign this program is fairly easy to learn as the interface and some of the tools are pretty similar.




I created this Facebook cover video using Biteable.  I found this program really easy to use.  You can create videos very easily using a combo of your photos, videos or use their stock video.  You can create videos for free although it will have the Biteable watermark on them.  You can upgrade to get the video without the watermark.




This program is easy to use and you can create a number of videos for your business.  You can create a free account where you can create 3 free videos.  The videos will have the Renderfx watermark on them but if you create a video you want to use you can purchase the video for $24.99 without the watermark.


Animoto allows you to create slideshows and marketing videos.  They make it easy with templates you can easily edit to create your own videos you can use for your Facebook cover video or other marketing videos you can use for your business.  You can get started with a free trial and if you like the program you can choose one of their monthly subscription plans.

Now you have some great tools you can use to create an amazing Facebook cover video.  I would love to see what you created for your business! Leave a comment below with your Facebook page where you have the cover video.