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I recently had a conversation with a top earner in network marketing, named Carol, whose business had “flatlined” and she was troubled by the fact that most of her downline team members seemed to be lazy, not producing, and not following through on what they said they’d do.

She wanted to know how she could find more people with even a quarter of her drive, so her business could grow faster.

Already a successful entrepreneur with two other businesses, Carol, to her credit had grown her network marketing business to the top 5% of her company.

But she still wasn’t making the money that she wanted to be making.

Her main complaint: Her downline are lazy!

She had built her business almost single-handedly — she pretty much brute forced her way into the top income bracket in her company — because she’s just that type of person.

She’s willing to do whatever it takes, but slowly realized that most of the people on her team were not as motivated as she is.

She spent a lot of time training her team members, and yet they wouldn’t follow through and they weren’t accountable.

She lamented, “How do I find those ‘A players’ like me?”

I totally got her situation because I was once there too.

In my first year in network marketing, I was pretty much the only one in my organization willing to do the work!

I brought people on, but they wouldn’t duplicate.

I had a hard time understanding and through, You said you were going to do this, you still say you’re committed to this business, you say you want to be free from your job, yet you’re not willing to do the work I’m willing to do.

I was putting the responsibility for the growth of my business on my downline, and so was Carol.

My advice was, “If you want your business to grow, it’s not up to them. It’s up to you.”

She was a bit taken aback, so I started to explain.

It’s not up to your downline to build your business.


It’s up to you!

You have to take the responsibility back rather than putting it on them.

To put it practically, from a marketing or business standpoint…

…you have to put in place the training & accountability strategies that help ensure success, no matter who is running the business.

Put a bit differently…

No matter who the people are in your business, you have to put things in place to create the activity you want — and you need to spur that growth.

That was very interesting for her to hear, because up to that point she just thought she needed to recruit more people that were like her, or with even a quarter of her motivation. She had found a few folks like that, but not enough of them.

A New Paradigm


When I shared this with Carol, she was completely blown away.

She had never thought of creating business structures that essentially forced people into action, got them to overcome their fears, empowered them and allowed them track their results & be held accountable.

It also gives team members clear and unambiguous goals.

When people are tracking, as a leader, you know who needs help, and also you know who is not doing the work.

The people that aren’t doing the work are the people that you don’t help.

You simply tell them, “I’m not going to help you unless you do the work, submit these sheets, and show your activity. I’m going to focus on Bob over here, who is actually doing the work.”

Maybe he’s struggling with a certain activity, so you’ll help him and coach him on that activity so he can improve, but at least you can see he’s doing the work because it’s right here on the sheet, and he’s tracking his results.

Those are the three steps to actually creating a solid business system of any kind.

Bringing It Online

In the first 1-2 weeks, I TEACH SKILLS, starting with social media prospecting & recruiting strategies, both ACTIVE PROSPECTING and PASSIVE MARKETING.

Next, as soon as you feel comfortable, we get you into ACTION by having you set up carefully crafted Facebook posts (sponsored or free) for Passive Marketing and Active Prospecting to get you new prospects, and customers immediately.

Of course, your metrics are all tracked and measured, so we can see what you’re doing and help you improve your results.

We’re not having you cold calling anybody, because the internet today literally gives us a never ending supply of prospects to introduce to our businesses!

If you are brand new to this online world and want to know how to build your network marketing business on social media without ever having to leave home or going out to the mall prospecting the cold market, or whatever, then go here to sign up for this amazing online recruiting bootcamp

It’s a Free video course on the methods to get to a 6-figure networking business and I think you’ll find it helpful, along with some other cool learning opportunities. Enjoy!

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