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The #BASH is a place to come together with other people who have a success mindset.  Like Jim Rohn said, “you are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with.”  Get around other people on the same journey as you to network, learn, grow and find support.

This is not a place for spammers and anyone in violation of the policies will be removed immediately.



Provide Value

You are encouraged to provide value in your posts, comments and interaction within the group.


Be Positive

This group will bea positive and uplifting place.   Negative comments or discussions will be removed.


Have Fun

Like the name implies, this is a #BASH so have fun!



Post Links

Don’t post links to your business, training, videos, unless it is threads where you are asked to share.


Post Videos

You maybe invited to share helpful videos but please don’t share videos or lives without being asked.



The purpose of this group is to build relationships, do not solicite members or message them to join your business.


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