Welcome to my blog!  I have had an entrepreneurial spirit since the word go.  Even as a child I was always looking for ways to do some sort of business, from lemonade stands to trying to convince my parents to open a restuarant in their basement.

When I had my son in 2005 I was looking for a way to make income from home.  I started my own business but did not know what I was doing so I failed pretty quickly.  Shortly after that I was introduced to the world of Network Marketing.

When I first got started I did everything wrong and was not effectively building my business.  I spammed people, lost a few Facebook friends and definitely annoyed family.  Even though I did not do well in the beginning I never gave up.

Fast forward to finding amazing training on how to effectively build a business and I went from struggling to being one of the top sellers on our team of 170,000.  I have earned multiple incentive trips through my company and many bonuses.  This is the training and system that completely turned my business around.  If you are struggling and need help building your business in the most effective way you should definitely check out the free 10 day bootcamp here.