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How I went from struggling to running a business I love and helping others do the same

Building any business takes hard work and perseverance.

But building a business you love and that doesn’t feel like work takes a whole lot more.

This is my Journey

I started my first business so I could have time freedom and spend more time with my son.  I struggled with that business becuase I did not understand the correct way to build a business and I did a lot of spamming.

I walked away from the home business industry because I was stuggling and I thought maybe it just wasn’t for me.  Knowing what I know now I would not have walked away but hind sight is always 20/20.

I became a customer for a product I loved.  I knew it was time to jump back into having a home business.  I struggled again when I first started the business because not knowing any better I tried using the same old spammy techniques that did not work for me the first time I had a business.

I knew I did not want to walk away from this business so I set out to find a better way to make the business work.  I finally found amazing training and tools that helped me build my business the right way without being spammy.

I took what I learned and became one of the top 20 sales people in that company of over 700,000.  Through my success in selling I earned 3 free incentive trips and multiple prizes.

I am now sharing the skills, tools, and training to help others have success.

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